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The cost-effective way to patient-flow monitoring for the focused hospital

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What is Tracworx

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Tracworx is a patient and equipment location monitoring system that drives hospital efficiencies, resulting in excellent patient care throughout the entire perioperative journey.

Why Tracworx Was Created

Operating Rooms are one of the most underutilised resource in Hospitals.

Hospital operating times


Operating Time

Goes unused.

Hospital nurse times


Hours lost

Per nurse every year.

Hospital revenue lost


Revenue lost

Per hospital every year

How We Can Solve These Problems

Product Overview

Tracworx services

Tracworx Services Enabled

Flow analysis in Hospitals

Flow Analysis

Where are the bottlenecks in your workflow? Could you increase your overall theater utilisation?

Infection Control in Hospitals

Infection Control

Know exactly where every patient was, who they interacted with and limit risk of infections spreading.

Predictions for Scheduling

Predictions for Scheduling

Schedule using accurate predictions which allow you to get the most our of your valuable theatre time and resources.

Real Insights in Real-time

Tracworx dashboard view

All your KPIs in real time

Minimal staff input and time required

Clear visibility for you and your team

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"During the proof of concept we were very impressed with the technology and its potential to increase the efficiency of ouroperating rooms. It requires no infrastructural investment above what is in place already and this is another key factor in choosing the product."

Brian McKeon Director of Informatics, Planning & Performance. eHealth Division, UL Hospital Group.

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